Boy it’s been a big year for Shelby Stanga. So much so that History Channel has announced a new Shelby special, “A Very Shelby Christmas.” It premieres Tuesday, December 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

In this special episode, Shelby goes from Swamp Man to Swamp Santa. Viewers will go along for the ride with Shelby in his spectacular swamp sleigh, delivering gifts and Christmas cheer to all of his favorite people, complete with the adventures and heartfelt amusement that everyone knows and loves of the legendary Swamp Man.

Shelby begins his Christmas gift-giving mission by recruiting his cousin Belinda to go swamp ‘shopping’. Among the many unique items he finds, he makes a snakeskin headband, a gator-tooth necklace and an ornamental tree he shot down with his shotgun for MissPud’n. Shelby’s next order of business is to makeover his forklift into a swamp sleigh. He fashions his sleigh by jury-rigging a homemade snow blowing machine, borrowing some decorations, and re-purposing an abandoned toilet seat to use as a wreath for the final touch and voila – the Swamp Santa is ready to roll in style.


If you missed A Very Shelby Christmas, you can watch it in HD on iTunes!